Yoga therapy | Stress

How Yoga therapy can help with stress

Yoga therapy can provide relief from stress and can also help us to manage it. Results can be achieved relatively quickly through:

Understanding the stress response

YogaThe sympathetic nervous system

The body has its own automatic response to stress via a complex series of bodily reactions, which forms the sympathetic part of the nervous system.

For our ancestors this response was necessary for survival for it prepared the body to run and escape from potential danger, say a wild animal or enemy tribesman!

Modern stress

Our bodies still have the very same stress response system but what stresses us now is different and can be more prolonged. The stress we face today rarely means that we literally need to 'run away' yet we still end up with the same cocktail of stress hormones streaming through our body.

If the stress ceases then the parasympathetic part of our nervous system activates to literally calm the body down. Unfortunately, modern day stress tends to affect us over longer periods of time, for instance, work pressure, financial worries or relationship problems. These issues tend not to be resolved quickly and the result can be chronic over activation of the sympathetic nervous system and possible decline in health.

How Yoga therapy helps with stress

Yoga can provide relief from the effects of stress by inducing a calming effect on both the body and the mind so bringing the body back to overall balance and harmony. This can be achieved through simple breathing techniques, stretches to release tight muscles and deep relaxation. Over the longer term, meditation can help to strengthen the mind against unhelpful, repetitive thought patterns that can promote the stress response.

Stress management

YogaAn appropriate yoga practise can provide effective stress management as we go about our daily life. Simple breathing practises can be used discreetly to keep the body and the mind calm and a short relaxation at the end of the day, together with tension releasing exercises can keep you in control of stress rather than the other way around.

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