Yoga therapy | Migraine

How Yoga therapy can help with migraine

Yoga therapy can help with migraine in the following ways:

The condition of migraine

YogaMany factors contribute to the condition of migraine so a very thorough approach is needed in order to understand why each individual may be suffering this condition. These factors may include certain foods, stress, exposure to sunlight or artificial light, travel, hormonal cycles, fatigue and pushing oneself beyond comfortable limits.

How Yoga therapy helps with migraine

Release of tension

Simple yoga postures help to release tight muscles in the back, neck and head which can impede blood flow and contribute to headaches and migraine. Postures also strengthen weak muscles and stretch tight ones and so improve bad postural habits, such as holding the head forward of the spine which can contribute to migraine.

Lowering of stress levels

Yoga can lower our stress levels by inducing a calming affect on both the body and the mind so making us less reactive in potentially stressful situations. This can be achieved through simple breathing techniques, breath linked movements and deep relaxation. Over the longer term, meditation can help to strengthen the mind against unhelpful, repetitive thought patterns that can promote the stress response and trigger a migraine.

Increasing self-awareness

A regular yoga practice encourages us to be more aware of how we are feeling which gives a migraine sufferer valuable time to take suitable action to avoid the on-set of a potential migraine. This 'action' depends on the individual but could involve simply focusing on the breath in order to remain calm or making a decision to rest rather than over-do things.

Learning how to relax

Learning how to relax regularly helps prevent migraines that are stress induced and helps prevent 'weekend' migraines. This type of migraine is Yogatriggered when a person starts to let go and relax at the end of their working week, as this tends to cause blood vessels to dilate which triggers the migraine. Learning how to relax regularly for 10-15 minutes can prevent this build-up of tension.


“The yoga with Sarah has changed my life. I no longer have days of migraine misery. She taught me exercises (which I do daily) for my well-being and ones to do if..if..a headache should start”

Jane W. from south Norwich

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