Yoga therapy | M.E. and chronic fatigue

How Yoga therapy can help with M.E. / chronic fatigue

Yoga therapy can help with chronic fatigue in a number of ways:


Gentle, manageable exercise

Very gentle yoga movements can begin to restore muscle function and tone and help stimulate the flow of energy. Rest may need to be taken in between movement or postures so avoiding the 'pitfall' of doing too much and suffering exhaustion later.


Restorative yoga is often used with chronic fatigue as it offers energising yoga postures, which are practised in a supported way. The support comes from the use of bolsters, cushions and carefully folded blankets, so opening and stretching the body but with minimum effort.

Use of the breath

YogaEven if fatigue prevents gentle exercise yoga breathing practises can be done to help rejuvenate the body and the mind. Fuller, more efficient breathing oxygenates the body for release of energy, stimulates the digestive system and supports healthy immune function.

Healthy digestive function

Special yoga exercises can help to promote digestive function, which is very often impaired with chronic fatigue. As stated above, yoga breathing practises also stimulate the digestive system, particularly the correct functioning of the primary breathing muscle, the diaphragm.

Healthier sleep

Yoga can help restore the natural patterns of activity and rest by providing the discipline of exercise followed by relaxation, a combination which helps to promote sleep. In addition, specific breathing practises can be used that induce calm in both body and mind.

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