Yoga therapy | Cancer

YogaHow Yoga therapy can help with cancer

Yoga therapy has a lot to offer people who have a cancer diagnosis and are undergoing cancer treatment. This kind of Yoga therapy will be gentle and will focus on providing support through the process of cancer treatment, recovery and healing.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga can improve circulation and help to raise energy levels at a time when inner resources seem to be depleted. These exercises focus on simple joint movements that can easily be done from either a seated or a lying position, even in bed.

Simple breathing exercises

Simple breathing exercises help to raise energy levels, help to release tension and promote healthy functioning of all systems of the body. These exercises also provide a way of coping with the many powerful emotions that accompany a cancer diagnosis.


YogaDeep relaxation helps to reduce tension and anxiety by calming both the body and the mind so encouraging a state of balance. As it is stress and anxiety that depress the immune system this soothing effect helps to actually support and promote immune function.


The practise of meditation helps us to become more aware of who we are and puts us in contact with our own inner resources. During cancer diagnosis and treatment this can provide enormous stability and strength and help one overcome the difficulties and uncertainties.

All the practises of yoga help us to come closer to our self but it is the practise of meditation that brings us to stillness and deepens that process.

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