Yoga therapy | Asthma

How Yoga therapy can help with asthma

Yoga therapy can help asthmatics in a number of ways:

Dysfunctional breathing patterns

Yoga therapy can identify dysfunctional breathing patterns which all of us have to some extent. The good news is that these patterns can be reversed through an appropriately designed yoga practise.

The common breathing patterns that affect asthmatics are as follows:

Yoga stretches

Once the breathing habits are identified suitable yoga stretches can be prescribed which will stretch tight respiratory muscles making breathing easier. Very often people over-use what are called secondary respiratory muscles in the chest which then become tight and tense.

Healthier breathing

Specific breathing exercises will then help break dysfunctional breathing habits and start to re-educate the body and the mind into healthier breath patterns. This obviously takes time but a regular daily practise can bring noticeable results over the long-term.

Release of exhalation

Most people with asthma have difficulty breathing out completely which can be helped by simple breathing techniques. Once the exhalation is encouraged to release the body can then breath in more fully and with greater ease.

The importance of relaxation

Deep relaxation further facilitates the release of the exhalation and allows deep internal tensions to be released. Very often relaxation may take place within a restorative posture to enhance the process of release or bring opening to a closed part of the body.

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