Yoga therapy | Arthritis

How Yoga therapy can help with osteoarthritis

YogaCreates Movement

A specially designed yoga practice can ease the pain of osteoarthritis by taking joints through their appropriate range of movement. Movement helps to lubricate joints with synovial fluid so that joint surfaces glide more easily across each other. This reduces the painful wear and tear on joints and helps bring nutrients into the cartilage, which lacks its own blood supply.

Improves posture

Appropriate yoga poses help to overcome poor posture, which contributes to joint misalignment and the erosion of joint cartilage. By stretching tight muscles and strengthening weak ones, joints are encouraged into a healthier functional relationship.

Pain management

Yoga helps in the management and reduction of pain itself through the use of calming breathing practises, deep relaxation and meditation. As the body and the mind relax pain very often begins to diminish as tension is a contributory factor in the experience of pain.

How Yoga therapy can help with Inflammatory Arthritis

YogaGentle practises

The yogic approach to inflammatory arthritis is different from osteoarthritis as care needs to be taken not to aggravate already inflamed joints. Practises will need to be very gentle and generally non-weight bearing.

Restorative yoga

Restorative yoga may be used, which employs the use of props, such as folded blankets and bolsters. Joints may be opened and muscles stretched but with minimal or no effort through joints. As with osteoarthritis breathing practises, relaxation and meditation can be helpful as pain management and reduction techniques.

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