Yoga therapy | Aches and pains

How Yoga therapy can help aches and pains

General aches and pains can occur as a result of many different conditions ranging from a trapped nerve to a functional scoliosis. Each condition requires careful consideration of the persons' habits and movements but broadly speaking yoga can help in the following ways:

YogaCreating Movement

A specially designed yoga practice can ease joint pain by taking relevant joints through their appropriate range of movement. Movement helps to lubricate joints with synovial fluid so that joint surfaces glide more easily across each other. This reduces the painful wear and tear on joints and helps bring nutrients into the cartilage, which lacks its own blood supply. Movement also stretches muscles, which releases tension and eases any associated nerve pain. Simple movements may be repeated several times to re-educate muscles into healthier functional relationships.

Improving posture

YogaAppropriate yoga poses help to overcome poor posture, which creates pain due to joint misalignment and muscle tension. By stretching tight muscles and strengthening weak ones, joints are encouraged into a healthier functional relationship and posture becomes more balanced.

Releasing tension

Appropriate Yoga therapy helps to release tight muscles that contribute to aches and pains felt throughout the body. This may be provided through breath-linked movement, yoga poses, breathing practises and deep relaxation.

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