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Yoga Therapy NorfolkHere at The Old Methodist Chapel classes are going well, as are the one-to-one private sessions, which are best suited to some peoples’ circumstances.

I now run classes in the evening only, on Tuesday and Wednesday 7.30 to 9.00pm and Thursday 6.30 to 8.00pm.

Places are limited so it is essential to contact me beforehand to check if spaces are available.

Yoga and Migraine

I am currently specialising again in the treatment of migraine with yoga therapy. My approach is to clearly identity triggers and causes and then prescribe a course of action, which usually involves some degree of small life-style change, as well as breathwork, yoga exercise, relaxation and meditation. It’s a comprehensive approach, which can have good results.

The Basic Beginners Sequence below is a good starting point and may help you if practiced regularly as part of a migraine prevention strategy. It encourages downward energy flow away from the head, reduces tension and promotes relaxation. If you are interested in a personalised prevention strategy then please contact me to discuss your needs. Read more

What is Yoga therapy?

Yoga therapy is about choosing appropriate yoga practises to suit an individual and address an underlying health issue or illness.

This form of yoga takes account of relevant medical history and is consequently, suitable for all ages and abilities and requires no previous experience.

Benefits of Yoga therapy

Appropriate Yoga therapy can release tension and ease pain, allowing us to feel more energised and calm, and ultimately, more confident and uplifted. This can be achieved, over time, through simple yogic practises that improve our breathing and stretch and strengthen our body.

Yoga therapy essentially empowers the individual by providing a personalised practise for use at home. This takes the form of written instructions, including diagrams and in some cases is supported by audio CD's.

Yoga therapy can be a chance to make changes to health and general lifestyle in order to experience greater well-being and contentment. Yoga practise brings us back to ourselves as opposed to most of modern life, which takes our senses outwards. It is from this more inward looking stance that reflection and change can arise. Read more.....

Yoga Therap Norfolk

Where are sessions held?

Sessions are held at my beautiful yoga studio in Rollesby. My fees are £40 for each hour and a half session. This covers our time together, plus provides you with a personalised practise in the form of written instuctions, including diagrams. Certain practises are provided on CD for which there is a charge of £7.

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